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Talks and Tantorials


Effective Logging Strategies
··1 min
talks shinyprod2023 r shiny
A talk given at Jumping Rivers’ Shiny in Production 2023 conference on effective logging strategies for R and Shiny.
DIY Pest Control: Effectively Debugging Shiny Apps
··1 min
talks shinyconf2023 r shiny
A talk given at Shiny Conf 2023 on some effective patterns for debugging Shiny apps


Project Immortality: Using GitHub To Make Your Work Live Forever
··1 min
talks rstudioconf2022 r
A talk given at rstudio::conf(2022) on improving your R projects by leveraging GitHub packages, Actions, and Releases


Setting Up Your Own Shiny Server
··1 min
tantorials twitch r devops
A tutorial on setting up your own Shiny Server
Wrangling JSON and Lists
··1 min
tantorials twitch r
A tutorial on wrangling JSON and lists into tibbles
Web Scraping with rvest
··1 min
tantorials twitch r
A tutorial on scraping with rvest and browser dev tools