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Q & A: Changing Window Titles in Shiny

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I greatly enjoy the R4DS Slack Community (found at!) - and spend a fair bit of time answering questions, especially about Shiny! This is another in a series of posts where I curate some of the more interesting questions and answers I’ve found (and sometimes answered).

Dhiraj asks:

I have a shiny application which uses the navbarPage() layout. The app has multiple tabPanels with their own titles. Is it possible to have the windowTitle of the navbarPage dynamic to show the titles of the tabPanels ?

Here’s a minimal example of the Shiny and JS code you’ll need:


custom_js <- 'Shiny.addCustomMessageHandler("handler_windowtitle", switch_window_title );
function switch_window_title(message){
  document.title = message;

ui <- navbarPage(
  title = 'navbarpage',
  id = 'displayed_tab',
  tabPanel(title = "StrangePlanet"),
  tabPanel(title = "DarthVader")

server <- function(input, output, session) {

shinyApp(ui, server)

If you give navbarPage an ID, it’ll create an input variable that can be accessed as input${id}, returning the value argument of the tabPanel. In this case, tabPanel returns the title argument as the default value - you can specify something else if you prefer.

In a production app, I’d also move the JS into a separate JS file (stored in www) and use includeJS() instead of using the tags$script method.