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Reflections on 2018

·1 min

2018 was an important year of my life - a catastrophic collapse of a long-term relationship led to a single-minded drive to rebuild my identity.

Along the way, I:

  • lost 75 pounds
  • rowed over a million on-water meters
  • helped coached a successful recreational rowing program
  • got a dog (Jasper!)
  • made a lot of new friends

2018 was good to me - and I’m excited to be moving forward on to 2019.

Targets for 2019 #

  • Weigh: 180 pounds and/or reach 20% body fat [currently 205 lbs, 30%]
  • Row: 7:00 2K
  • Row: 3:00:00 marathon
  • Train for masters rowing regattas, perform at level I can be proud of
  • Write articles for fantasy football
  • Eliminate credit card debt
  • Improve financial health