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Web Scraping with rvest
·1 min
tutorials videos r
A tutorial on scraping with rvest and browser dev tools
Adventures in HTTP Testing for R
·9 mins
r r-pkg-dev
Thoughts on httptest, not skipping CRAN where possible, GitHub Actions, and dealing with large packages of mock data.
·4 mins
Curating your feed, finding your friend groups, and getting into online arguments.


Reflections on 2020
·2 mins
Successes and disappointments in the face of a pandemic.
Q & A: Changing Window Titles in Shiny
·1 min
r shiny r4ds-slack
Pairing a snippet of JavaScript with Shiny reactivity to dynamically change the window title
Q & A: Explaining Shiny to Your IT Team
·6 mins
r shiny r4ds-slack
Helping present the business architecture for Shiny in production to a relatively technical (but not R-based) crowd
Things I Learned From Advanced R
·3 mins
r r4ds-slack
A non-exhaustive list of things I learned from each of the sections of Advanced R while participating in AdvRBookclub.


Reflections on 2019
·3 mins
Another year of sudden change - this time professionally.
Regatta Cheatsheet
·3 mins
A guide to everything regattas: a packing list, approximate scheduling, de-rigging and re-rigging, trailer loading, rules of racing, race plans, and more.
Short Mobility Warmup for Rowing
·4 mins
A short, dynamic warmup to fit into the hectic moments before a Rec Rowing practice.