Things that have my attention

This month’s obsession was most definitely Advent of Code - I’ve unwrapped a code puzzle and tackled it every day since December 1st! I’m very pleased to have completed every day’s puzzle on the day it was released. I was staying up to solve it for quite some time, until it was taking 3+ hours each time…that was definitely too much. I’ve learned a ton about programming by doing these, including loops, recursion, and optimising for speed/minimal-memory.

I’ve been enjoying Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lately.

I’m disappointed that Ontario is creeping back into lockdown - it definitely throws a bit of a wrench in my early-season skiing hobbies this year.

It’s gotten cold and lifting has been much harder to be motivated for - the bar is super duper cold!

This year’s successes

  • I joined R4DS Slack Community and it’s been an amazing community to be part of - making many new friends, having fun learning new things to become a better R programmer, and helping others also get better by answering their questions.
  • I’ve made many new friends through the TDM Dynasty server and through the offshoot Mafia server that came off of it.
  • Getting out as a rowing coach this summer was awesome, no matter how much I disliked the admin-bits of it, because I got to see and hang out with my friends as if it was a normal year.
  • Continuing to hang out and work on projects through DynastyProcess with Joe has been awesome - his friendship and support has been incredible throughout the year.

  • Work has been fantastic as a source of stability and routine. I wrapped up the second version of the core project in November/December and have appreciated the time to learn and work through some forecasting and predictive analytics for the upcoming year - really looking forward to continuing my growth as a data scientist/analyst/developer there.
  • DynastyProcess has quadrupled in size this year, going from an average of 10,000 unique monthly users to over 40,000 (as of October/November)!
  • I can definitely credit the mobile-first calculator for a bulk of that popularity gain - it’s definitely much easier to use than before.

  • I made the ffscrapr R package a reality this year, managing to get it to support three different fantasy football platforms AND putting it onto CRAN!
  • I carved a pumpkin every week in October, and loved the meditative process that went with it.
  • I completed every single Advent of Code puzzle on the day it came out, and learned a ton about efficient R programming.
  • I made a bunch of cool new apps for DynastyProcess and taught myself the beginnings of ML.
  • I rebuilt my computer with some upgraded parts, and have been enjoying the improvements in computing power!


I’m disappointed about my weight gain over the pandemic, and the frequency at which I slumped into a depression and burnout. I can’t wait for 2021, vaccines, and a gradual return to normalcy.