Things that have my attention

  • Wrapping up v1.0.0 of ffscrapr and submitting it to CRAN
  • Dipping my toes into unsupervised ML via SFBX strategy analysis, PCA, and clustering
  • Advanced R Book Club continues to be a highlight
  • Coaching rowing (3x/week) is a nice anchor in my routine
  • Moving, again - not exactly thrilled about this one

Ideas I’m chewing on

  • Hell Yeah or No - as a tool for figuring out what to do when feeling scattered/overcommitted (a lot lately!)
  • Local or Global - am I locally focused (rowing, local friends) or globally focused (DynastyFF, R/Data communities)
  • Happy, Smart AND Useful - can I find the intersection of all three?
  • What’s obvious to me might be amazing to someone else - share anyway!
  • 80% of my best is enough to stop working on a project and move on to something else (?)