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Reflections on 2023
·6 mins
A year of travelling, grind, growth, and loneliness.
Effective Logging Strategies
·1 min
talks videos shiny r
A talk given at Jumping Rivers’ Shiny in Production 2023 conference on effective logging strategies for R and Shiny.
Debugging Shiny Apps
·1 min
talks videos shiny r
A talk given virtually at Shiny Conf 2023 on some effective patterns for debugging Shiny apps


Reflections on 2022
·3 mins
A year of breakthroughs, travelling, and trading off priorities.
Project Immortality: Using GitHub To Make Your Work Live Forever
·1 min
talks videos piggyback github actions r
A talk given at rstudio::conf(2022) on improving your R projects by leveraging GitHub packages, Actions, and Releases
blogdown, distill, and personal websites with R
·3 mins
Some thoughts on blogdown, distill, and getting started with your first website in R


Reflections on 2021
·6 mins
Reflecting on a year of streaming, fasting, pandemic isolation, and more.
Setting Up Your Own Shiny Server
·1 min
devops tutorials videos r shiny
A tutorial on setting up your own Shiny Server
Eating Habits as Levers
·5 mins
Thoughts on ‘dieting’ from someone who has now lost over fifty pounds…twice.
Wrangling JSON and Lists
·1 min
tutorials videos r
A tutorial on wrangling JSON and lists into tibbles