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Now - September 2022

·1 min· from Ottawa

This is my now page - it's what I'd tell my friends if they asked me, "What are you up to right now?"
If you have your own site, you should have one too!

It’s been a while since I updated this - and it’s been a heckuva eventful summer:

  • I left my job at ABIC, took a month off, and then joined Zelus Analytics as a Machine Learning Engineer on their Soccer team. Caivan and ABIC meant a lot to me and I’m so grateful for everything I’d learned while I was there.
  • I gave a talk at RStudio Conference! It was incredible to meet so many of the wonderful friends I’ve made online.
  • I travelled to Toulouse and Milan to meet with my new team and to see the inner workings of Toulouse FC & AC Milan. Seeing PSG vs Toulouse and the Milan Derby made it sink in that I’m finally realizing my dream of working in sports!

I also:

  • Lifted 4x per week for six months straight
  • Played flag football and ultimate frisbee with OSSC
  • Worked on some struggles with burnout and depression

Looking forward to the fall, and already starting to plan out what kind of skiing and travelling I can do this winter!