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Now - May 2021


This is my now page.

It’s what I’d tell my friends if they asked me, “What are you up to right now?”

If you have your own site, you should have one too!

A double update, since my previous now post was written and mired in a sea of depression and didn’t make it to publishing. Still worth logging in reflections though.

I got my first vaccine! I’m embarrassed to have qualified to receive an early dose because of being BMI 40+, and yet grateful still that I did receive it. It’s a long confirmation that I’ve completely erased all of the progress I made in 2018 at losing weight - I now clock in at the highest weight I’ve ever been.

I found a weight loss challenge on Reddit, and have taken up fasting as the vehicle I think I can stick with most easily for the duration of the eight weeks (and hopefully longer-term). I started with a 36-hour fast as a “circuit-breaker”, and that went well enough that I decided to try a second one…and then a third one… and now have kind of become comfortable with the idea of maintaining ADF as a pattern. I got out to an early lead, but have lost a little progress over the Victoria Day long weekend.

Twitch streaming has been an immense joy and bright spot - I don’t even care how many people are watching, I just enjoy the process of setting a schedule and ensuring that I don’t miss any of the sessions (don’t-break-the-streak is a huge motivator). I started doing a dedicated data-science/research stream each week to help push me in directions outside of just development/programming.

Rowing has apparently restarted. I’m still of mixed feelings about the whole coaching thing, and unsure what I get out of the coaching process. I’ve been very limited on spoons to give and unsure I want to “waste” it on a group of people that make me feel drained and frustrated. I certainly don’t find a lot of joy at the prospects of dealing with it.