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Now - Sep 2020


This is my now page.

It’s what I’d tell my friends if they asked me, “What are you up to right now?”

If you have your own site, you should have one too!

Things that have my attention #

  • Feeling at least a little burnt out. Trying to figure out what my Hell Yeah is right now. My problem is that nothing really feels hell yeah.
  • Expressing my current mindset in MonkeyUser comics: work deadlines, 9-5 - coaching is no joy right now, and instead just another brick stretching my daily energy box.
  • Advanced R Book Club wrapped up, which is sad/scary and yet impressive nonetheless. I’ve learned so much! I hope we can wrangle that friend group into R Packages, or intro-stats or something. Some excellent people I want to keep hanging out with and being pushed by.
  • NFL is back! I have mixed feelings but hopefully that gives me something to look at week to week.

Ideas and worries I’m chewing on #

  • I never finished SFBX strategy analysis piece. I’d like to, for my own benefit with unsupervised ML, but am worried that this continues to get pushed down my radar.
  • I would like to tackle the Sleeper methods for ffscrapr. I took a month off of dev-ing it to recharge and focus on day job work, and while I think I didn’t get as far on day-work as I’d like to, I want to get back into the swing of Sleeper stuff. ESPN and are the other platforms I’d like to get to in the nearish future, although the OAuth scares me at least a little.
  • I’d like to read more. I loaned Thinking in Bets and would like to dive into that. I read Range recently and liked it, but wasn’t that inspired by it. Can’t wait for Derek’s book on how to live, I think I’m going to really enjoy that.

Reflections on last month’s stuff

  • Hell Yeah or No - more important than ever when feeling burnt out
  • Local or Global - (rowing, local friends) vs (DynastyFF, R/Data communities) - Equally burnt out on both, I guess.
  • Happy, Smart AND Useful - can I find the intersection of all three? - Currently feel none of these. In order, maybe Useful > Smart » Happy.
  • What’s obvious to me might be amazing to someone else - share anyway! - I’ve enjoyed sharing little tidbits. Maybe a twitter series/blog-post series on Adv R learnings is in order
  • 80% of my best is enough to stop working on a project and move on to something else - I should take this advice from Jon more often…

Things I’m proud of #

  • ffscrapr made it onto CRAN!