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Now - Jan-Feb 2019

·3 mins· from Ottawa

This is my now page - it's what I'd tell my friends if they asked me, "What are you up to right now?"
If you have your own site, you should have one too!

Things That I’m Focusing On #

Finishing up reflections on 2018 and setting out on new goals for 2019. Moving. Launching a new website!

Moving #

My rented condo was recently sold to a new owner and I’ve been given notice that I have to move out of my home. I’m realizing that I’ve grown quite attached to my home and the idea of uprooting it all is a bit scary. As a property manager by trade, I’m not SOL in terms of finding a new place, but the unsettling feeling of no longer being at my home is a bit challenging. I’m also not looking forward to emptying out the storage areas, where more than a few sentimental past-relationship-mementos have been piling up out of sight for the past year.

I will say that I’m looking forward to moving closer to the downtown core, which definitely suits my overall circumstances a lot better than being in suburbia.

New Website! #

I just launched as a rebrand of my previous website, I’ve moved on from the crutch of Google Sites and am now teaching myself to use Jekyll, which is both exciting and challenging. The new site not only holds a bunch of Excel tools but also a blog in which I hope to explore broader DynastyFF topics like strategy, game theory, bylaws, and data. I’ve also been working on a large database (and have been convincing a friend to build out a web app for it!)

If I get ambitious, I’ll move this page over there too!

Won a Dynasty League Championship! #

I’m super excited that I won one of my four dynasty leagues this year! Definitely had more than a few moves pay off enormously: trading two first round picks for Julio Jones, trading Corey Davis for 1.02 (Nick Chubb), NOT trading James Conner for peanuts, grabbing Damien Williams for free. The best part is that the prize pot will help fund future fantasy endeavours (such as my new website, if it really takes off!)

Things That Are On The Backburner #

Juggling a lot right now - stressed about work (new buildings launching very soon) and home (packing to move to a new apartment). Feels like my overall cardio/physical training is on the backburner - it’s a huge timesuck and I’m currently feeling very inspired by my fantasy football work, so I think that’s where my attention is going to go for the next little bit.