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Now - February 2024
·3 mins· from Ottawa
Back from travels, fought a bout of COVID, and frustrated by derailed goals. Getting back on the horse, slowly.


Now - December 2023
·6 mins· from Ottawa
Solitude for the holidays, reflecting on the year, letting myself dabble on side projects
Now - October 2023
·3 mins· from London, UK
A travelogue, I guess.
Now - August 2023
·2 mins· from Ottawa
Grinding through the dog days of summer
Now - May 2023
·2 mins· from Ottawa
Starting the year with lots of travel!


Now - September 2022
·1 min· from Ottawa
A summer of new beginnings and new adventures.
Now - April 2022
·4 mins· from Amsterdam Schipol
Travelling, skiing, eating, recharging, and continuing the battles against depression and burnout.


Now - November 2021
·1 min· from London, UK
Returning from a fantastic birthday week in the UK and gearing up for the end of the year
Now - October 2021
·2 mins· from Ottawa
Chiselling away at fasting, freelance, travel, and pumpkins!
Now - July 2021
·5 mins· from Ottawa
Obsessing over fasting, ffsimulator, fishbowl, food and Forza. Cutting out things that don’t make me feel ‘hell yeah’.